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Frame: Federal Bruno 20.85 Green
Fork: Federal Liquid V2
Headset: Federal
Seatpost: Federal Pivotal
Seat: Federal Ciao Mid
Cranks: Federal Vice 175mm

Bars: Federal Bruno Bars 9.25
Stem: Federal Love
Grips: Federal Contact
Pedals: Federal Contact
Sprocket: Federal BBS Solid
Tires: Federal Response 2.35 front and rear
Front Wheel: Federal Stance
Rear Wheel: Federal Stance XL Coaster
Pegs: Federal Plastic


Tow-d is our man killing it in the streets of Poland, here is his current ride..

He has recently bounced back from a heavy injury and dropped a fire edit thanks to our distro in Poland, Manyfest and HashBmx, see edit below filmed by Bogdan Grzeszczyk

Frame Federal Anthony Perrin

Bar Animal Bob Scerbo

Fork Federal Liquid V2

Grips Animal Edwin

Stem Federal Hate stem

Headset Federal Tall Bearing Cap

Bottom Bracket Federal BB

Cranks Federal Vice

Chain BSD

Sprocket Federal BBS

Pedals Fit

Seat Animal Stripe

Post Federal

Front wheel Gsport Marmoset, Federal Motion Rim

Back wheel Cult Match, Federal Motion Rim

Guards Primo and BSD

Pegs Federal metal pegs

Tires Primo WLT

2 3 4 6 7


Be sure to check out Tow-d’s latest video thanks to Manyfest, by Bogdan Grzeszczyk.


Ryan Pipkin is our newest member of the Federal Team, he is from Albuquerque, New Mexico, hooked up through Tip-plus and Stacked Bmx Shop in the US

Ryan has pure passion for bmx which really shows in his riding, we noticed him from instagram, he has a great attitude and dedication to his clips and pics, and we are expecting a lot more to come! Here is Ryan’s bike check.

Frame Federal Anthony Perrin 21 

Bar  Federal Drop V2 9 Rise 

Fork Eclat Coda Fork 26mm

Grips Eclat Zap Grip 180mm

Stem Federal “Love” Stem (Mark Love Sig.)

Headset Federal Tall Bearing Cap 

Bottom Bracket Eclat BB

Cranks Eclat Onyx Cranks 24mm (170mm)

Chain Cult HalfLink Chain

Sprocket Eclat Vent Guard 28T

Pedals Eclat Slash Pedal

Seat Federal Fat

Post Eclat Post

Front wheel Primo N4FL Wheel

Back wheel Federal Freecoaster Wheel (XL Rim)

Guards Primo and Federal

Pegs Primo Binary Pegs

Tires Eclat Fireball (Stevie Churchill Sig)

image2 image3 image4 image5

image20 image9 image8 image15

image16 image17 image10 image19


Diogo Santos has such a creative unique street style, big and burly meets controlled and technical, he really is a treat to watch ride, and chill with!

Diogo is really in touch with nature, which shows in his cooking and his love to travel, he is from Portugal currently in living in Barcelona kicking it with a crew of street heavy weights!

He likes to change his riding style, between brakes and coasters, not sticking to any set path, here is his current bike check:


HEADSET: Federal
MID BB: Federal
FRONT WHEEL: Federal StanceXL Rim  Merrit hub
REAR WHEEL: Federal StanceXL Rim  Merrit Cassette
TYRES: Merrit
POST: Federal
STEM: Merrit
Pic below by Vince Perraud


fs 114

fs 152 fs 136 fs 115

fs 135 fs 116 fs 123

Mirco Andreani is our Italian shredder living in BCN, recently joining the Freecoaster movement and doing it via Callemarconi

Here is his bike check… Click the links for more details

HEADSET: Federal
MID BB: Federal
FRONT WHEEL: Federal StanceXL Rim  Kink hub
REAR WHEEL: Federal StanceXL Rim  V4 Prototype Freecoster
TYRES: United
POST: Federal
CHAIN: Mission bmx



Benoit VDG is the latest member of the Federal team, coming out of Belgium hooked up through GroundedBmx, we are expecting big things to come from this stylish street shredder!

Pictures by Brent de Geeter

Benoit2 Benoit3 Benoit4 Benoit5 Benoit6 Benoit7 Benoit8 Benoit9

Here’s Benoit’s bike check, click the links for more details

Frame Federal Bruno Hoffmann 21.25

Bar  Federal Drop 9

Fork Federal Drop V2 Raw

Grips Federal Contact VEX Grip

Stem Federal Love

Headset Federal

Cranks Shadow Killer 175mm cranks

Chain Shadow Interlock

Sprocket Subrosa Magnum Guard

Pedals Shadow Ravager

Seat Federal Royale Tripod 

Post Federal Tripod

Front wheel Eclat hub, Federal Motion Rim

Back wheel Federal Coaster Wheel

Guards Eclat and BSD

Pegs Federal Chromolly Plastic

Tyres Eclat Control Grey

me and bike


Roy van Kempen has been killing it! He is one of Hollands biggest exports, he works so hard for the Dutch scene, and is obviously the soundest of dudes, expect to see a lot more of him and Orange Juice this year, and check the dope new site here

He just setup this new Perrin Frame


stem rearwheel sprocket frontwiel  seat bike


Frame Perrin Frame brown 21″

Bar  Federal Drop 9

Fork Federal Liqiud V2

Grips Odi

Stem Federal Love

Headset Shadow

Cranks Shadow Killer 170mm cranks

Sprocket Shadow Align 28t

Pedals Odyssey JCPC pedals

Seat Shadow coulomb seat

Post Shadow

Front wheel Shadow raptor

Back wheel Shadow raptor cassette

Pegs Federal Chromolly Plastic

Tyres Shadow Valor tires

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