How can I get sponsored?

Sponsorship isn’t the be all and end all of riding, just ride you’re bike, enjoy doing what you do best and see what happens. A good positive attitude to riding and more importantly life goes along way too. We’re always on the lookout though so you may never know…

Where can I get stickers from?

Most Federal dealers should be stocked with stickers so contact your local shop first.  Your next step is to contact the distro in your country.  If not drop us an email at and we’ll see what we can do.

When are you coming to our local park?

Most of the riders are pretty busy but they love to travel, so you never know. We’ll try to get word out in advance via the website when we have travel schedules.

Where are your parts made?

All our parts are made in Taiwan as we believe this not only gives us the best quality of manufacturing but the best value to keep the pricing down for you the consumer.

None of our products are catalogue bought, it is all designed in house at Federal and we also carry out independent quality control checks ourselves to ensure they meet our high standards.

Where can I buy Federal Bikes?

Any good reputable, bike/bmx shop should be able to get hold of Federal products if not contact your country’s distribution which can be found on the distros page.

Will you put a pic of my bike on your site?

Providing it’s a Federal then of course we will, send them in to

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