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Mirco Andreani is our Italian shredder living in BCN, recently joining the Freecoaster movement and doing it via Callemarconi

Here is his bike check… Click the links for more details

HEADSET: Federal
MID BB: Federal
FRONT WHEEL: Federal StanceXL Rim  Kink hub
REAR WHEEL: Federal StanceXL Rim  V4 Prototype Freecoster
TYRES: United
POST: Federal
CHAIN: Mission bmx


Mirco Bike5


Mirco Andreani is hooked up through our Italian distro Callemarconi,

He is currently living in BCN with the heavy hitters, killing it in the streets with his long locks and out of this world bike control,

Mirco is the soundest of dudes and we are anticipating big things from him to come.

Mirco Bike4 Mirco Bike3 Mirco Bike1 Mirco Bike2

Heres his bike check:

Frame Stevie Churchill 21″

Bar  Stevie Signature

Fork Federal Liqiud V2

Grips Federal Contact VEX

Stem Federal Love Fade

Headset Federal

Cranks Demolition Rig

Sprocket Federal Bolt On

Pedals Eclat Plaza

Chain Primo 510

Seat Federal Tripod

Post Federal

Front wheel Primo N4FL, Federal Motion Rim

Back wheel Primo Remix, Federal Motion Rim

Hub guards Primo

Pegs Federal Plastic

Tyres Eclat Stevie Fireball

Photos By Ruben Langa




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