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Stevie Churchill spoke to The Come Up and gave them a run down of his current bike set up. Check out more info on his signature frame here and his signature bars here. He’s been running the frame for over a year and you know Stevie is not afraid to go big, his frame is built to last. Stevie also runs the hate stem, revolution sprocket, mid seat, and the Federal V3 freecoaster hub.


We’re excited to say that the Federal Spring shipment delayed at the port has finally arrived at Tip Plus. Due to the ongoing labour disputes between the unions and shipowners this was hugely delayed but has now finally made it to our US distributor. If you live in the US hit up your local Federal stockist or contact Tip Plus to find out where you can order from. They’ve just received the new Anthony Perrin signature frame along with a restock of the sold out Churchill frame and bars, Lacey frames, Bruno frames, motion rims, vex grips, Federal V3 freecoasters, seats, hub guards and lots more.

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