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Diogo Santos coming out of Lisboa, Portugal, has insane bike control, crazy peg tech and his freecoaster game is on lock! One of the nicest dudes you could ever meet, here’s his bike check.

Frame               Federal DUB Chiller

Forks                Federal Liqiud V2 Forks Chrome

Bars                  Federal Stevie Bars Black

Stem                 Merrit Front Load

Headset            Federal Internal

Grips                 Federal Contact

Seat                   Federal Washington Slim

Post                   Federal Stump

Wheels              BSD Front, Federal LHD Freecoaster Rear, Federal Rims

Tyres                  Cult Deharts

Sprocket            Merrit with Bashguard

Chain                 Kmc Kool

Cranks                BSD

Pedals                 Merrit Plastic

Pegs                    Federal Chromoly Plastics


finalbackwheel finalfront finalfrontwheel finalfrontwheelb finalfrontwheelc finalright

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.45.13


Here’s the link to the Federal Amsterdam Trip Pictures by Aaron Zwaal and Syo van Vliet
See more of this trip featuring Michal Smelko, Anthony Perrin, Jason Eustathiou, Carlo Hoffmann, Jordan Aleppo and our brilliant host Roy van Kempen Filmed and edited by Fernando Gomarin Olaiz


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